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N264 - N364
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Volume 7 - Studio Mix For N-Series Synths Only

A special bank of sounds for Korg's N-Series synths. The N264 and N364 will take all our 01/W soundbanks as well but this bank is made especially for the N-Series.

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 A00 Deep Sine  A01 syn Bass 2  A02 Harmo Bass  A03 After Life  A04 Blaster 2
 A05 ArpegBass 1  A06 ArpegBass 2  A07 ArpegBass 3  A08 FusionLead  A09 PercVoxPad
 A10 Big Fly By  A11 Cosmos Vox  A12 Dance Stab  A13 HardFMbass  A14 CrystalORG
 A15 Industrial  A16 MysticWind  A17 Spiritland  A18 CASTaSPELL  A19 Hard B3
 A20 S.RoachPAD A21 JudisBreed  A22 D50Digital  A23 low Sweep  A24 Cyberbass2
 A25 GothicVox4  A26 Sabotnic  A27 AsianDream  A28 AfroBellPD  A29 DeepNFunky
 A30 Brassy Pad  A31 HauntedDRM  A32 TecBass 2  A33 TheCreeps!  A34 CyberFunk2
 A35 Tap Keys 1  A36 Tap Keys 2  A37 Tap Keys 3  A38 TapKeys 4  A39 FunkyTwang
 A40 Brite D50  A41 PigmyChant  A42 FunkyCharm  A43 TechBass 4  A44 FilterBass
 A45 Hard Tech2  A46 Real Phat  A47 DeepHouse2  A48 FilmScore2  A49 Juno2 Bass
 A50 BrassPipes  A51 Digilog  A52 Phase Solo  A53 Mimic  A54 VoyagerPad
 A55 ShapeShift  A56 Trans Star  A57 Dance Orb  A58 The Beast!  A59 in TheCave
 A60 Afro Loop  A61 EthnoDance  A62 EP Pads  A63 Too Heavy  A64 ClipedPerc
 A65 Delerium  A66 Mega Quest  A67 RoboBass 4  A68 Choo Vox  A69 Mid-Evil
 A70 PureAnalog  A71 LogPercPad  A72 Grand View  A73 Tantric  A74 Etherial 2
 A75 WeirdPlace  A76 Perc Keys  A77 ArabicSolo  A78 HyperSpace  A79 QuietPeace
 A80 Take off  A81 B3dancePrc  A82 The Diva  A83 SpacedOUT!  A84 BrethDrums
 A85 TechOrgan2  A86 Metal Bass  A87 Rave/house  A88 Ans solo 2  A89 AiryPads2
 A90 Passing by  A91 Bells&Vox  A92 SoundTrk 3  A93 Dream Land  A94 Madness!!!
 A95 Noble Theam  A96 Ice Voices  A97 Ramananda  A99 Heavy Combo 2
 A00 DancePOP  A01 HouseMix2  A02 Muffin Man  A03 Max Bass  A04 DeMeNtEd!!
 A05 FantasyPad  A06 HardTechno  A07 Hang Bass  A08 HeavenSent  A09 Taps N Pad
 A10 JungleJim  A11 Rave Mix  A12 HOUSEofZAA  A13 PowerSplit  A14 Hard Jazz
 A15 RastaSplit  A16 LostWorld!  A17 MEGA Thrash  A18 TechHouse  A19 MysteryBus
 A20 Pop Combo  A21 Low&Solid  A22 Out There  A23 Progresive  A24 SuperNova!
 A25 ActionFlic  A26 Bass&Solo2  A27 StarGazing  A28 EmersonSET  A29 Black Mass
 A30 RaveTechBS  A31 Prophets  A32 MagicStaff  A33 MovieCombo  A34 DarkSecret
 A35 StrangeDAY  A36 TranceSET  A37 ShadowFall  A38 Cool Combo  A39 7 of 9
 A40 CyberNinja  A41 StupidPHAT  A42 SlapTechBS  A43 RaveTech2 A44 WeirdDance
 A45 BorgCUBE  A46 MrDowntown  A47 TheKingdom  A48 Sysiphis  A49 Hot SOLO
 A50 DanceSolo