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Korg Karma Collection
Now Available Volumes 1-4. Working with the Karma is like unraveling the DNA of music. Kudos to Stephen Kay and Korg for producing the most important piece of gear to come along in many years.

Our sounds include all Karma functions, GE's (Generated Effects) and Karma Realtime Control Functions

Volume #1 - Soundtrack/Film Mix
Volume #2 - Classic Synths
Volume #3 - HipHop/R&B Mix
Volume #4 - Nepro Super Mix
Vol. 1 & 2 (128 Programs/128 Combis) Vol. 3 & 4 (128 Programs/64 Combis)
Each Sound Library
ONLY $25
Available in Korg PCG format via e-mail delivery.
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One of the things that has always impressed us about Korg is their willingness to experiment with new and creative ideas when it comes to making sound. Sometimes going against what is thought to be commercially hot at the time. The wavestation was a great example of that and the WS turned out to be a classic that is still being used in many studios (including ours) almost 20 years since it's release. Now Korg has done it again with the release of KARMA.

Taking the same sound engine and effects from the Korg Triton, the KARMA function separates every aspect of a musical phrase into independently controllable parts, giving you the ultimate control over a vast selection of sounds. A sound tweeker's dream! There is no on-board sampler as in the Triton, but KARMA technology has the revolutionary ability to generate totally random or fully controllable sounds, grooves, phrases, etc. which can't be found in other synths.

Korg Karma

There are many approaches one can take when programming for a complex instrument like KARMA. On the first two soundbanks (Soundtrack/Film and Classic Synths) we designed the sounds with the same approach that we have been successfully using for many years on all the Korg instruments that we have worked with. That's to say that each program or combi is a "piece of the puzzle". You then take all the pieces and multi track them into a song. On Vols three and four (Hip Hop/R&B and Super Mix) we changed the programming approach and the individual combi is no longer a piece of the puzzle, but it's the complete puzzle! Each combi is a complete song in itself. We believe that both programming techniques are valid ways of programming and in either case you will be getting a large number of new, quality sounds to use in your tracks.

The Patch King's KARMA sounds are available as Korg PCG files. The sounds can be delivered as a digital download via snail mail. If you would like to get the free download delivery just remember that you need to have access to a computer that has a floppy drive. After downloading the file, just save it to a high density floppy disk. Then take the disk over to your KARMA and you can load the sounds from your KARMA floppy drive.

Click on the above links for more info on each of the four sound libraries and MP3 sound demos. If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.