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Korg Z1 Collection
Now Available Korg Z1 Volumes 1 & 2. A cool mix of virtual analog and physical modeling patches that will breath new life into your old Z1.

256 New Programs !!

Volume #1 - Classic Synths
Volume #2 - Physical Modeling Mix
Vol. 1 & 2 (128 Programs in Each Collection)
Each Soundbank
ONLY $25
Available in Mac/PC Sysex or Midi File format via e-mail delivery.
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Korg released the Z1 in 1997. It was polyphonic version of their Prophecy synthesizer which is when Korg first introduced us to virtual analog and physical modeling. The Z1 features 12-voice polyphony, thirteen waveforms, four LFOs, two resonant filters, two effects units and more. Voices can be spread multitimbrally across six MIDI channels, making the Z1 the world's first multitimbral physical modelling synthesizer.

Z1 offers more than double the number of models found in the Prophecy. There are now 13 of these, each derived from the OASYS (Open Architecture SYnthesis System). The Z1 retains all the Prophecy's physical models, including, of course, its analogue model. Based upon two DSP-generated oscillators, two resonant filters, and two envelope generators per voice, the model is similar many classic synths of the 1970s. But, whereas the Prophecy was monophonic and was, therefore, comparable to a Minimoog or Korg 700S, the Z1's polyphony makes it more like a Prophet 10 or Oberheim Matrix 12. The Z1 even offers a Unison mode that allows you to assign two, three or six detuned voices to each note.

Korg Z1

The Patch King's Z1 sounds are available in system exclusive (.syx) or standard midi files (.mid) for Mac or PC computers. The sounds are delivered as a digital download.

If your computer has a midi interface or sound card connected to the USB port, you can use your midi interface to load in the sounds. We provide the software along with your order that will load in the sounds for you. Midi interfaces are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing RAM or PCM cards and we sell them starting at under $100. Our sounds will also get you back in business if your Korg Z1 battery has died and you lost all the sounds in the memory. If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.