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Korg Nautilus Sound Libraries
Now Available!
New Korg Nautilus Sounds
V5 - Analog Sensation

That's right. Kid Nepro is back in the studio. We are now busy programming several new sound libraries for Nautilus. Get on our mailing list for more info.

All our Naulilus sounds are compatible with Korg's 61, 73 and 88 Nautilus Workstations. All sample libraries stream directly from the Nautilus SSD via our "User Sample Banks".

Vol #1 Multi Engines - EXi Super Synths - 64 Programs/32 Combis $39.
Vol #2 HD-1 - Vintage Synths V1 - 64 Programs/32 Combis/250 MB New Samples $69.
Vol #3 HD-1 - Electric Guitars V3 - 32 Programs/16 Combis/16 Guitar Loops/66 MB New Samples $69.
Vol #4 HD-1 - Hit Factory V4 - 64 Programs/32 Combis/6 Drum Kits/100 MB New Samples $69.
Vol #5 AL-1 - Analog Sensation V5 - 64 Programs/32 Combis $39.
Available in Korg PCG format via FREE DOWNLOAD delivery.
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Korg has done it again with the release of their groundbreaking new workstation - Nautilus. Now you can get all the features and more contained in the amazing Korg Kronos. Synth programmers will have our work cut out for us with no less then NINE different synth engines combined into one instrument. All that plus Multi Gigs of sampling memory adds up to one very powerful instrument.

Virtual Memory Technology (VMT), aided by a fast Solid State Disk provides high polyphony and massive, ultra-long, and unlooped samples; offering unheard of performance from a hardware instrument. A variety of exclusive Korg technologies drive the synth engines to provide astounding results - VMT (Virtual Memory Technology); CMT (Component Modeling Technology); Physical Modeling, Digital Synthesis, Wave Sequencing, MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis); and more!

Nautilus contains nine distinct synthesizer/sound engines:

SGX-2 Premium Piano - Piano sound engine

EP-1 MDS Electric Piano - Electric piano sound engine

CX-3 Tonewheel Organ - Tonewheel organ sound engine

HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer - Flagship PCM, sampling and Wave Sequencing sound engine

AL-1 Analog Synthesizer - High-fidelity analog modeling sound engine

MS-20EX Legacy Analog Collection - Analog modeling sound engine

PolysixEX Legacy Analog Collection - Analog modeling sound engine

MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer - VPM/Waveshaping/PCM processing sound engine

STR-1 Plucked String Synthesizer - Physical modeling sound engine

Under the hood, all nine engines share the same hardware, with no separate cards to manage or polyphony barriers between them. While each is worthy of a separate product in its own right, Nautilus brings them all together into a single, integrated musical instrument. Dynamic voice allocation and new technologies allow all sound engines to smoothly share a stable, enhanced hardware platform.

NAUTILUS features the most piano libraries ever put into one product; with 12-step velocity-switched sound, string resonance and more. The EP-1 electric piano sound generator realistically reproduces seven different famous electric piano sounds. The CX-3 engine is the heart of our sought-after CX-3 reissue covers the distinct sound of classic tonewheel organs.

The NAUTILUS brings you distinctive sounds including phrase loops, prepared pianos, found percussion and more. Many seldom heard-of musical instruments found in different regions around the world can be difficult to play, but distinctive phrases played on these instruments are featured on the NAUTILUS.

Kid Nepro has been working with Korg's synths since 1985. We have programmed sounds for nearly every Korg workstation since the groundbreaking M1 was released in 1988. We continue to support Korg's latest generation super synth with great sound libraries for Nautilus.

Just contact us if you have any questions about any of our Nautilus Sound Libraries. Our customer support rules!

Check out our Nautilus tutorials for more info on getting the most out of your Nautilus.

Working With Samples

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