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Quality Sounds for Korg's Classic Synths
Sounds compatible with the Korg 01/W Series, 03RW,
N-Series (including the N264 and N364)
and X2, X3 and X3R synths.

Our extensive library for these instruments brings out their best. A great mix of acoustic and electronic sounds that will fit well in your next recording session or get you through any live gig. Just click on the links for each soundbank to view the sounds included in each collection.

Each bank contains 100 Programs &100 Combis, except
Vol. 7 (100 Programs & 50 Combis) and Vol. 6 (100 Programs Only)

Available in Korg PCG, Mac & PC SysEx or Midi Files
Check out our FAQ for more info on formats and delivery options.

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Volume #1 - Classic Synths Volume #5 - Techno/Industrial
Volume #2 - Acoustic Mix Volume #6 - Killler Keys (100 Programs)
Volume #3 - Soundtrack/Film Mix Volume #7 - Studio Mix* (N-Series Only)
Volume #4 - Mixed Bag
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Korg released the 01/W workstation/synthesizer in 1991 as the follow up to their groundbreaking M1 and T-Series workstations. They added a bunch of additional features including "AL Synthesis" - which produced a much "warmer" sound then the M1 or T-Series workstations. Korg also filled the new workstation with twice the amount of digital effects, 254 new sampled waveforms and a new feature called "Wave Shaping" - which gave programmers a greater control over the ROM samples when editing. The sequencer was updated to hold over forty seven thousand notes and doubled the polyphony to 32 notes - one of the first synths to do so.

There were several 01W Keyboards released, each with a different size keyboard ranging from 61 to 88 keys, as well as the 01R/W - a rackmount version. Korg quickly followed up with the 03R/W rackmount, which was a smaller version of the 01R/W. The sequencer and wave shaping features were removed and it included only about 90% of the multi samples that were included in the 01W series. It was a small one spaced rack, but had a great sound similar to it's big brother.

In 1993 Korg followed with the X3 Keyboard and X3R rackmount - which was a step back from the 01/W series. While it contained many of the samples from the 01/W, it also lacked many of the samples that made the 01/W so popular. The sequencer was also scaled back to thirty two thousand notes. As in the 01/W, you can add more PCM sounds to the synth, but additional PCM cards are expensive and hard to find. The X3 was one of the first synths to read standard .mid files - so you can take all the midi files from your computer and instantly port them to the x3 - using it's sequencer.

Moving ahead to 1996 - Korg started to move forward again with the release of the N264 and N364. They were the first Korg keyboards to include the Real-Time Pattern Play and Record (RPPR) function, which makes it possible to record and save musical phrases as patterns that can then be played back by simply pressing the assigned key. The N-Series also included 8 megabites of sample ROM, almost 1000 programs and combis and several new multi samples and drum sounds. The M1 piano which was removed from the 01/W and X-Series also made a comeback in the N-Series due to it's popular use in Dance, Techno and Latin Music tracks. This is one of the reason why the N-Series is still popular among musicians producing these type of tracks.

The Patch King has created a large selection of sounds for the 01/W, 03R/W, X- Series and N-Series. Note that volume #7 is compatible with the N-Series only. All sounds are available in Korg PCG format which can be loaded directly from your Korg floppy drive. The sounds are also available system exclusive (.syx) or standard midi files (.mid) for Mac or PC computers and even available on the old Alesis Data Disk. Sorry, but we do not offer the sounds on Korg 01W RAM or PCM sound cards. The cards have not been made in many years and we no longer support that format.

If your computer has a midi interface connected to the USB port, you can use that to load in the sounds. We provide the software along with your order that will load in the sounds for you. Midi interfaces are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing RAM or PCM cards and we sell them starting at under $100. Our sounds will also get you back in business if your 01W, X3 or N364 battery has died and you lost all the sounds in the memory. If your just getting into synthesizers and on a budget, a used 01/W, X3 or N364 is worth looking into. You can probably pick one up for a good price on Ebay.

If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.