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Wavestation Series & Legacy Software

Unleash The Awesome Power In Your Wavestation. Now compatible with Korgs Legacy Collection Software
Kid Nepro's Wavestation sounds reveal the possibilities of these amazing synths. Layers of sweeping wave sequenced sounds color your music with incredible textures.

Note: Only Volumes 1 & 2 are compatable with the original Wavestation Keyboard.
Wavestation EX, AD, & SR can use any of the 7 volumes. Read A Keyboard Review

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Volume #1 - Mixed Bag Volume #4 - Performance Mix
Volume #2 - Soundtrack Mix Volume #5 - Techno/Dance Mix
Volume #3 - Wavesequence Mix Volume #6 - Synthesizer Mix
Volume #7 - Wavestation 2005 Mix
Each Bank - 50 Performances, 34 Programs & 32 Wave Sequences ONLY $25
Available in Mac & PC SysEx or Midi Files via free download delivery.
Check out our FAQ for more info on formats and delivery options.
BEST DEAL! All 7 Volumes: ONLY $100
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When Korg released the first Wavestation back in 1990, it was one of those times that I can remember saying, "Yeah, now that's something different". Definitely one of those innovative synths that was a step ahead of what everyone else was doing at the time. The Wavestation was not exactly an original idea. It's "vector synthesis" had it's roots in the Sequential Circuits "Prophet VS". Yamaha, who owned Korg at that time, bought Sequential Circuits when they went under in the late 80's and formed a new company. Engineers Dave Smith, John Bowen, Stanley Jungleib and Scott Peterson, went on to work for Korg and designed the Wavestation, refining many of the Prophet VS concepts.

One of the new things added to the Wavestation design was the very cool "Wave Sequencing" feature. This was a new way to string PCM waveforms together so they are played successively, resulting in continuously evolving sounds. This was great for creating many new kinds of rhythmic patterns and killer pad sounds with lot's of movement. It's been well used for scoring many a TV and movie soundtrack from everyone from Yan Hammer to Mark Snow, who used it for "The X-Files". The Wavestation was also used by Apple to create the "startup chime" that's been used on every Macintosh computer since the old Quadra series.

The original Wavestation did not include any drum or piano sounds. However, they were added on when Korg released the "EX update" in 1991. Also released in 91' was the Wavestation A/D, which many consider the best of the series because of it's unique analog inputs feature that could accepting guitar and mic signals. This allowed the effect processors to process those signals in realtime. 1993 saw the release of the one space rackmount, Wavestation SR, which was a scaled down version of the AD similar to the Wavestation EX in a rack.

Korg Wavestation SR Rack

The Patch King has created a large selection of sounds for the Wavestation series that will work on all models. Just keep in mind that if you happen to own the original Wavestation keyboard (without the ex update) you will only be able to use Vols 1 and 2. They were created before the update was released and do not include the drum and piano sounds. Owners of the Wavestation EX, AD or SR can use all seven volumes. The complete collection is also compatible with Korg's "Legacy Software", which is a very cool recreation of the Wavestation as a software synth.

Korg Legacy Software

While most of the collection was created in the early 90's, We did take a fresh look at it in 2005 and created Vol #7 (Wavestation 2005 Mix) which we consider to be the best of the collection. It's one of those synths in our rack that has stood the test of time and we have no plans to retire it anytime soon.

Just click on the links above to view the sound lists or listen to some MP3 demos. All sounds are available in system exclusive (.syx) or standard midi files (.mid) for Mac or PC computers. Sounds also available in Alesis Data Disk format. Sorry, but we do not offer the sounds on RAM or PCM sound cards. The cards have not been made in many years and we no longer support that format.

If your computer has a midi interface connected to the USB port, you can use your midi interface to load in the sounds. We provide the software along with your order that will load in the sounds for you. Midi interfaces are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing RAM or PCM cards and we sell them starting at under $100. Our sounds will also get you back in business if your Wavestation battery has died and you lost all the sounds in the memory. If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.