Trinity & TR Rack
01/W - 03R/W
X3 - X3/R

N264 - N364
Wavestation Series
M1 - M1/R
T Series
Poly800 - EX800
Poly 800 mkII
DW 8000 - EX 8000
DS-8 - 707

Volume 4 - Acoustic Mix
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AcousticKN Ballad EP Harpsicord FunkyClavi Pipe Organ
Hammond B3 Symp Choir Trumpets Tenor Sax FlugalHorn
Oboe Flute Pan Flute String Pad OrchString
StringOrch ClassChoir AC Guitar PickGuitar Tubular
Mr Mallet Kalimba Sitar BrassSwell Hot Brass
Smooth Pad Fat Choir StringSect SlowString StringTing
String Mix SympString NY Philly TremString GuitarEcho
ChorusGuitar Choir Mix Voice Pads Rock Organ 96 Tears
Wurli EP Wurli #2 Soundtrack Accordian Mute Pad
TV Flick MassivePad HeavenORGN PizzString ClassStrin
Fat Lead Bell Pads Cool Lead Blow Organ DigitalMute
Lyles Lead ChinaBeach Porta Sine Bag Pipes Big Orch
Horn 5ths Crystalish ConcertHall Do Voice Flute Echo
Tine Piano Music Box Pat'sPatch Clarinet Recorder
Marimbaish Steel Drum Wind Chime TubularROM Pro Bells
Cold Day ChoirTREM Club Piano A New Mix The X File
SlowString TREM STRNG BartockBrs MuteTrumpt Moody Blue
Flugal&Son Series 65 ReedBellMX Jazzy EP Power Mix
NY Choir Tube Pad KaliString EatAT LORE POWER BRASS
Yans Theme Ensemble Cool Brass GospalORGAN PianoCHOIR
Patch King KNP Orch MiamiMice TubeString Pans&Stuff
BrassDelay Lore Mix Sir Flugal BalladBell Fanfare
Flecho Mallet Box Methanyish Percussive StrngChime
NY Winter After Thou Do Music ForPat&Lyle Clari Lead
Pan Lead Fat Lead Fluteie Intro Flugal Organ
Big Bagpipe BrassEnsmble Brass Stab BrassSwell Mix&Match
GlassStrng For Films BowedStrng PlukString Movement
Lakota 78' Big Organ! PowerOrgan Cats Song ReverbBrass
TubeGuitar 1966 KalimbaPad BrassOrgan EthnicLead
The Glider 200 Train Guitar Pad Power PC DistortLead
HalfWayHome Spiltsville StrinBrsSp String Mix PhillySplt
PatsFlange WoodwinLead Orchestral Wellington MoreMovement
Fat Pads Organic Organ Mix Metal Lead Whirli Pad
Synth Lead" Chinatown Lore Diner Warm Mix ForBartock
Two Pianos PianoChoir CrystalPad 99 Degrees Geo-Pet
EthnicComb Brass + AcousticMX ConcertHall The TUBES
FisherKING GogglesPIAZNO Frenchie MultiPatch E.Piano +
AC Piano + Ballad EP+ SAXY Brass Pantera SpacyOrgan
PianoChoir PianoBrass Hot Piano EP Strings EP Pad
EP Organ TV Flik EP Orchest Brass SYM KNP 12/94