How Do I Download Sounds?

Not sure how to download sounds or want to know how e-mail delivery works? It’s quick, simple, and FREE! And best of all, you can have your new sounds today!

Here’s how it works: After you place your order, we e-mail you a user name and a password along with a web link. Just click on the link in the e-mail and sign in with the user name and password. Then click on the download link and download your new sounds. Easy as pie.

If your working with a synthesizer, save the files to a Floppy Disk, Smart Media Card, USB Stick, Hard Drive, CD-ROM or whatever your synth is using for storage. Then you can load in our sounds from your Synths Floppy Drive, CD-ROM or Smart Media Device. If your using a digital sampler then simply take the new samples that you download and import them into the software program or hardware sampler that your working with. That’s it!

If your synthesizer does not have a floppy drive, cd or smart media device built in then you can load in the sounds through the synths MIDI port by doing a System Exclusive (.syx) data transfer. We include a cool app with your order that lets you load the sounds into your synth.

We also have the synth sounds in standard midi file format (.mid). You can use your sequencer program (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer etc) to load in the data. To load via your sequencer just import the file into a track. Then play the track and the data will load into your synth. The midi files will also work with windows media player. Just import them into windows media player and play.

So you see, there are several different ways to get the sounds into your synth. We try to give you as many options and make it easy as possible for you to start using your new sounds right away. Just let us know which synth or sampler your working with in the “comments” section of our order form and we will take care of the rest.

Most of our catalog is available for download delivery. For more info on how to load sounds via midi, check out our “Sysex Made Simple” page. You can also find out more about all our “available formats over here”.

If you have any questions or problems with the e-mail delivery we will be happy to assist. Out customer support rules!

Check it out! If you never did it before you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is. Why spend more money on shipping and have to wait longer too? The downloadable delivery is the way to go!


11 thoughts on “How Do I Download Sounds?”

  1. I am not a keyboard player…… I play Guitar and own a recording studio. In my studio I have —-among several real and vintage keyboards—– a Kurzweil PC 88.

    In the back of the Keyboard is a place to put a sound card of some sort. Is this way to expand the available sounds? I have never been enamored with the GRAND PIANO SOUND, and if there is a way to make it stronger or more full…… I would welcome it….. Is there any expansion card or sound card that will do this????

  2. im using an asr 10 keyboard sampler with a midi interface could u tell me how to get the sounds into my keyboard or maybe even better how to get your sounds into logic 9 so that i can trigger them as software instruments in logic .

  3. Hi Rick,

    Our ASR10 sounds come on floppy disk or CD-ROM (if you have a SCSI CD Drive connected to your ASR).

    You can’t load the sounds into logic directly, but once you have the sounds loaded from the floppy or CD, you can record an audio track into logic. If you have any questions give me a call and I can better explain everything over the phone.

  4. Hi.could you please help me,am in need of samples/tones for my roland fantom xr module/sampler.and also tips on how to load them into the module,,,also is it possible too get ethnic tones aswell especially the harmonium/baja tone.(Hank you so so much.I await for your rresponse.oops which is the most appropriate controlller keyboarrd for the fantom module.thanks

  5. I’m looking for patches that I can program with my ARTURIA Analog Lab w/ awesome midi controller and a seperate yet less voiced program via ARTURIA called Analog Experience AND I’ve just ordered Arturias HIP HOP production proggie..but my true love lies in ELP patches for say LUCKY MAN or TRILOGY and of course TANGERINE dream….rubicon would be the BE ALL END ALL etc. My newphew a musical genious can literally hear a song and with a photographic/aural tuned memory play it chord for chord, etc. we wish to perform but I’m having a tad trouble getting the right sounds down for LUCKY MAN…and STILL YOU TURN ME ON, etc. which have a number of different things going on..the LEAD, but also the lovely FX running higher which makes the sonog literally sound heavenly I don’t know if you sell these secrets or exact settings for ARTURIA (as I have the entire LOT of the synths they offer except the actual HARDWARE synth – the newest one…etc. but I’m so anxious to create, etc. we have a festival here in Luna Pier Mi and I was so hoping my newphew and I could play, which would be a HUGE step for him, as he has NOTHING to worry about I’m the one with the sort of LACK of experience even though I built me first synth, a riboon controlled nightmare, by PAIA when I was 11 years old and haven’t looked back….I even saved enough one year to purchase an OBERHIEM but, it was also the very same year that the sort of analog whatwot wen tOUT and the smaller, BETTER synths came in from a craftwman or NO I should say USABILTY standpoint as we know the MOOG MODULARS were nightmares of MONEY, constant upkeep, etc. it’s as if one needed a FULL TIME tech to travel with them which is exactly what KE had…anyway thank you mates and much love and luck….thank you so much

  6. please how can I get factory preset sound of casio fz 1 (original sample disks) but in the downloadable delivery ??thanks@

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