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32 New Programs - 16 New Combis - 5 New Rhodes Multi Samples - No Memory Expansion Needed!!

Korg M3 Volume #4 - Killer Keyboards - Our fourth collection of sounds for the Korg M3 Workstations is now available! An amazing assortment of fully KARMA-fied Programs & Combis perfect for Producers and Keyboard Players looking for some great new keyboard sounds to add to their M3.

From our experience as programmers and keyboard players, we know one thing for sure - "Keyboard Players always want more Keyboard sounds". The first thing we check out when we buy a new synth is the keyboard sounds. We are always searching for the perfect Rhodes, Wurli and Acoustic Piano patch. We get calls and e-mail from keyboard players all over the world who feel the same. So a few years ago Kid Nepro started producing entire soundbanks based on keyboard sounds. We call them "Killer Keyboards". Kid Nepro has produced several other Keyboard soundbanks for instruments like the Roland JV80 & JV1000, Korg 01W, X3, Triton and Trinity Series - so you know we have lot's of experience with this kind of stuff!

Our goal in producing these keyboard soundbanks is to give keyboard players a wider selection of keyboard sounds then what Korg provides with the factory patches. These can be used at live gigs or studio sessions. M3 Killer Keyboard soundbank contains a wide variety of new Rhodes Electric Pianos, 2 new Wurlitzer EP's and 2 new funky Clavinets. We have also layered the acoustic piano with other textures (pads, strings and voices) to beef up the piano sounds. Also included are five brand new Rhodes EP multi samples with velocity layering on all programs for the ultimate control when playing. Perfect for your next Rock, Jazz or R&B track or live gig. The cool KARMA grooves included on all 16 combis will have you jamming for hours! Check out the audio demos for a taste of what you can do with these great new sounds.