Kid Nepro started out in 1984 working out of a small office in Brooklyn, NY. We were one of the first sound companies to offer new “patches” to synth owners who wanted to expand their sound libraries beyond the factory sounds. We programmed sounds for the new synths released during the 80’s like the Sequential Prophet-5, Roland Jupiter-6 and Oberheim OB8.

When digital samplers started to become more affordable in the late 80’s we were right there making new samples for instruments like the Sequential Prophet 2000, Casio FZ1 and EMU SP1200 Beat Box. We were the first company to offer Akai MPC sounds when the original MPC60 was released and continue to release new sounds for the Akai MPC’s to this day.

Musicians heard and liked. The major magazines and record producers heard and liked. So we went ahead and made more and more sounds for the new synths and samplers as the major manufactures like Korg, Roland, Akai and Yamaha continued to release new stuff. As other sound companies came and went, we have continued working through the 90’s and into the 21st century creating quality sounds for hundreds of synths and samplers.

We were one of the first companies to do business on the Internet and are still one of the only places where you can buy something from the other side of the world and have it in your home within hours.

Now that we have started a BLOG, you can find complete info on all our latest releases and everything else that is happening in The Patch Kingdom. We will also be posting interesting news items in the music industry and classic rock categories. If you find any cool tidbits please e-mail them to us.

Feel free to contact Steve or any of us with your questions or comments.