Kid Nepro is one of few sound companies still supporting vintage samplers that use the old floppy disks. However, times have changed and it’s no longer possible for us to continue to offer floppy disks that are delivered by snail mail. We have now made available our vintage sampler floppy disks as .img (image) files, that can be downloaded. That means no more waiting for floppies to arrive in the mail. We have also slashed the price in half on all downloadable floppies images. Now only $5. for each disk image. When ordering, choose the “Samples – Disk Image” format and the free “email delivery”. 

The disk image files are exactly the same as the floppies. You just have to create your own floppies from the images. We provide the OmniFlop app that lets you do that. Or, if you have USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler, which replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from there.

Please note that you need a PC computer with an “internal floppy drive” in order to create your own floppy disks with the image files that you download. We include the free “OmniFlop” app with your order that lets you create the floppy disks and is able to extract IMG files from floppies. The app is for PC’s only. You can not do this with an external floppy drive. It will work with internal floppy drives only. Note that best to use WinXP with an internal floppy drive using the OmniFlop replacement floppy driver and the OmniFlop wizard app.

If you have the right hardware set up, then purchase the images and your ready to roll. If you’re still using floppy disks, remember to choose the correct floppy type for your sampler. Many of the old samplers use the “High Density” 1.44 MB disks.  A google search will turn up some places that still sell them. However, a few old samplers will only read “Double Density” 720k disks. Those can be pretty hard to find, but you can still get some if you’re lucky!

Click this link for more info about OmniFlop:

Here’s a pict of the Gotech floppy disk emulator:

In addition to using the old hardware and Omni Flop, there are also more modern ways to use our disk images. If you have replaced your samplers floppy drive with a USB Floppy Drive Emulator, simply save the images to the floppy emulator drive and load from there. Here’s a video which explains how to replace your floppy drive. A google search will also show you several examples of floppy drive emulators.

Here’s a list of the samplers which we offer the disk images as download:

Akai S1000 Library. This is compatible with most S-Series samplers. Click on the link for more info. Requires High Density floppy disks.

Akai S900/950 Library. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Akai Original MPC60 & MPC60-MK2 Library. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Akai MPC2000 Series Library. Includes the MPC2000 & MPC2000-XL Library. Requires High Density floppy disks.

EMU Emax Library. Includes all Emax Series samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Ensoniq EPS16 Library. Includes all EPS and ASR samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Sequential Prophet 2000 Library. Includes the Prophet 2000, Prophet 2002 and Studio 440 samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Please email us if you need any more info.