Korg Nautilus PCG Sound Bundle

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SPECIAL Korg Nautilus SOUND BUNDLE PACK: Get all six of our Nautilus sound sets for only $250.

An amazing collection of sounds for the Korg Nautilus – weighing in at: 352 Programs, 176 Combis, 6 Drum Kits, 32 Guitar Loops and over 1 GB of New Samples!

Get the complete package of EXi Super Synths, Vintage Synths, Hit Factory, Sonix Bliss, Electric Guitars, Analog Sensation, for the special low price of $250. USD – A $74. savings.

More info on all our Nautilus Kronos sounds can be found at Our Nautilus Web Page.


Kid Nepro Floppy Disks Now Available As Disk Images For Floppy Drive Emulators

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Kid Nepro is one of few sound companies still supporting vintage samplers that use the old floppy disks. However, times have changed and it’s no longer possible for us to continue to offer floppy disks that are delivered by snail mail. We have now made available our vintage sampler floppy disks as .img (image) files, that can be downloaded. That means no more waiting for floppies to arrive in the mail. We have also slashed the price in half on all downloadable floppies images. Now only $5. for each disk image. When ordering, choose the “Samples – Disk Image” format and the free “email delivery”. 

The disk image files are exactly the same as the floppies. You just have to create your own floppies from the images. We provide the OmniFlop app that lets you do that. Or, if you have USB Floppy Drive Emulator connected to your sampler, which replaces the floppy drive, you can save the images to that device and load the sounds from there.

Please note that you need a PC computer with an “internal floppy drive” in order to create your own floppy disks with the image files that you download. We include the free “OmniFlop” app with your order that lets you create the floppy disks and is able to extract IMG files from floppies. The app is for PC’s only. You can not do this with an external floppy drive. It will work with internal floppy drives only. Note that best to use WinXP with an internal floppy drive using the OmniFlop replacement floppy driver and the OmniFlop wizard app.

If you have the right hardware set up, then purchase the images and your ready to roll. If you’re still using floppy disks, remember to choose the correct floppy type for your sampler. Many of the old samplers use the “High Density” 1.44 MB disks.  A google search will turn up some places that still sell them. However, a few old samplers will only read “Double Density” 720k disks. Those can be pretty hard to find, but you can still get some if you’re lucky!

Click this link for more info about OmniFlop:


Here’s a pict of the Gotech floppy disk emulator:

In addition to using the old hardware and Omni Flop, there are also more modern ways to use our disk images. If you have replaced your samplers floppy drive with a USB Floppy Drive Emulator, simply save the images to the floppy emulator drive and load from there. Here’s a video which explains how to replace your floppy drive. A google search will also show you several examples of floppy drive emulators.

Here’s a list of the samplers which we offer the disk images as download:

Akai S1000 Library. This is compatible with most S-Series samplers. Click on the link for more info. Requires High Density floppy disks.

Akai S900/950 Library. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Akai Original MPC60 & MPC60-MK2 Library. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Akai MPC2000 Series Library. Includes the MPC2000 & MPC2000-XL Library. Requires High Density floppy disks.

EMU Emax Library. Includes all Emax Series samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Ensoniq EPS16 Library. Includes all EPS and ASR samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Sequential Prophet 2000 Library. Includes the Prophet 2000, Prophet 2002 and Studio 440 samplers. Requires Double Density floppy disks.

Please email us if you need any more info.

Korg Nautilus Sounds – New PCG Files Coming Soon

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That’s right. Kid Nepro’s got it covered. We are now busy programming several new sound libraries for Nautilus.

The Patch King is now on a “Patch Programming Marathon”, which starts off by importing all our amazing Kronos sounds and then tweaking them for optimal use in Nautilus. Please note that the KARMA features found in Kronos have been replaced by the arpeggiators in Nautilus. So, additional programming changes will be made.

Our first Nautilus PCG is one of most popular Kronos Sound libraries. EXi Super Synths. This amazing collection uses sounds from four different synth engines; AL-1, MS-20, Polysix and MOD-7 for a great mix of vintage and modern synth sounds. The PCG includes 64 new Programs and 32 Combis. All for only $39. USD.

All our Naulilus sounds are compatible with Korg’s 61, 73 and 88 Nautilus models. All sample libraries stream directly from the Nautilus SSD via our “User Sample Banks”.

Get on our mailing list and will will contact you as soon as it’s released. We estimate it will be sometime in March. After that, there will then be a steady release of new libraries throughout the year. If you have any questions or requests just send us a email.

Click on links for more info:



How To Get Our Kronos Sounds From Your Computer To Your Kronos

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All our Kronos sounds are delivered via our free download delivery. After you place your order, we send you a link where you can download and save our sound files to your computer hard drive.  From the computers hard drive, you just need to save the files to a USB thumb drive. Then you can load the sounds into Kronos so you can use them in your music. Here’s how:

First insert your thumb drive into your computer and save the Kid Nepro folder from your computer to the thumb drive. Make sure you unzip the Kid Nepro folder that you downloaded before saving to the drive. Insert your thumb drive into Kronos “after” you turn Kronos on and it loads your system files and sounds. Don’t insert the drive until everything boots up.

Wait about ten seconds after you insert the drive and then go to Kronos “disk mode” and choose “Drive Select”. You have to change the drive from “Internal HD” to your drive. Your drive should be listed just below the Internal Drive. There’s an arrow which lets you see all the drives and select your drive. If you can see your drive and the Kid Nepro folder, then your all set and can follow the loading instructions in the PDF file.

If you don’t see your drive listed under the Internal HD drive, then you have to “format” your drive on the Kronos. To do that just go to the Kronos “Utility” section in Kronos disk mode and choose the arrow on the top/right part of the screen. There is a pulldown menu that has a few options. Just choose “format”. Then take the drive back to your computer and save the Kid Nepro folder again. Then insert the drive into Kronos again and follow the loading instructions in the PDF that’s included with your download.

If you need any more info just email us at: [email protected]

More info on all our Kronos sounds can be found at:


Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Convention – Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead, NY 2/20/78

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Richard O’Brien – Vocals
Nell Campbell – Vocals
Patricia Quinn – Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo – Music Director, Guitar
Jay Cuccurullo – Drums
Joey Avitto – Bass
Dave Elias – Tenor Sax
Steve Proto – Keyboards

It was sometime in January 1978 that I got a call from Warren asking me if I would be interested in playing keyboards for a gig that he just landed at the Calderone Concert Hall. We would be the back up band for the the stars of the Rocky Horror Show. Warren and I went to high school together and knew each other from the neighborhood bands. I said, sign me up! I was a big Rocky Horror fan and was psyched to get to play those amazing songs live with Richard O’Brien and the rest of the cast.

I brought along my tape recorder to document the event, but placed the mics too close to the PA speakers. So, the recording has the vocals and piano up front and you can’t really hear the rest of the band. Still. you can feel the energy between us and the crowd as the place rocked. Lot’s of fun.

Nothing like playing the Time Warp in front of thousands of screaming fans. Good times.

New Roland MKS80 Video Just Released

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We’ve just released another in a series of new videos that demo our sounds for vintage synthesizers. This one features the Classic Roland MKS80 – also known as The Super Jupiter.

All synth sounds are from our vintage Roland Super Jupiter. The drums are from our Korg Kronos, which we also used to trigger the MKS80. They make a killer combo!

The Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter is one of Roland’s true classic synthesizers. It’s often called a Jupiter 8 in a rack, although its voice card design is actually closer to the Jupiter 6. Its fat sound is due to the classic analog technology in its filters and 16 analog oscillators at 2 per voice.

The MKS-80 voices feature a typical analog set up: two oscillators, noise generator, resonant low pass and high pass filter, LFO and chorus. The oscillators feature cross modulation in addition to several waveforms and pulse width modulation. The MKS80 can hold sixty-four patches in it’s memory, which can be layered or split.

Our MKS80 collection includes 192 new programs in Sysex or Midi File formats. Three banks of 64 patches. Get your new sounds today via our fast email delivery. More info and online ordering at:


Visit our web site for more info on all our sounds for synths and samplers.


New Sequential Prophet VS Video Just Released

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We’ve just released our first in a series of new videos that feature our sounds for vintage synthesizers. We start off with one of our favorite synths – The Sequential Prophet VS.

The Prophet VS used Vector Synthesis as its revolutionary new means of sound creation. It uses a total of four oscillators per voice with 127 waveforms (32 user) and waveform crossfading using the joystick.

The Prophet VS included 96 waveforms which were all 12-bit samples. Four of these waveforms are assigned to the oscillator slots and they are then processed by an analogue signal path, with low-pass filters based on the Curtis chips; the same that were used in the Prophet 5.

The hybrid of digital and analogue helped make the Prophet VS sound very unique. The Prophet also included a very small amount of RAM that you can use to load in your own samples via the Midi sample dump standard.

Our Prophet VS Sounds are available as system exclusive or standard midi files. They are also compatible with the Arturia Prophet V. We have also done extensive sampling of the Prophet over the years and many of the sounds are available in WAV, Akai, Reason or Kontakt formats so it’s the next best thing if you don’t happen to have a vintage Prophet in your collection.

Click Here to listen to some more demos and order online.

New Sound Demos From Our Sequential Prophet VS Collection

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30 Years later and still our beloved Prophet VS still sounds amazing!

We dug out our vintage Prophet VS rack and recorded a few demos from our Prophet VS sound set. The VS is truly a unique sounding synth and the new demos feature a cool mix of styles. All sounds were played on the VS except for the drum patterns, which were recorded from our Korg Kronos. The two synths together make a great combo.

100 new sounds included in the collection. Our Prophet VS Sounds are available as system exclusive (.syx) or standard midi files (.mid). Also compatible with the Arturia Prophet V.

We have done extensive sampling of our vintage Prophet and many of the sounds are available in WAV, Akai, Reason or Kontakt formats. Visit our web site for more info. Order online and get your new sounds today via our fast email delivery.

Click Here: Listen To Demos & Easy Online Ordering

Loading Tips For Korg Kronos HD-1 & EXi Files

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If you’re having problems loading our Kronos sounds into certain program bank locations, you need to make some adjustments in your Global settings. Remember that Kronos sounds have two different bank types:

1- HD-1 – Contains new sample data
2- EX1 – For synth type data – Mod7, AL-1, MS20, Polysix, EP-1

So, you have to match our PCG bank type to the same bank type in your Kronos settings. To do that, go to:

Global / Basic
Choose the arrow on the top/right section of your screen
Choose “Set Program Bank Type”

Then choose EXi or HD1 depending of which set of sounds you’re loading. Anything with samples and a KSC file goes into an HD=1 bank. All the rest get loading to EXi.

Quick, simple and easy to adjust as you fill up your Kronos with some cool new sounds!

For more info on all our Kronos sounds – CLICK HERE

Kronos Wave Machine Now Available As Reason ReFill

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Now our amazing Kronos Wave Machine sounds can easily load into Propellerheads Reason NN-XT Sampler – $25. USD. Perfect for your next gig or recording session. 42 New rns and sxt files with hundreds of new samples from our custom sound libraries.

The Patch King Wave Machine ReFill features some of our best sounds from our Korg Kronos PCG libraries. Using Chicken System Translator, we were able to easily convert our amazing Kronos sounds into a Reason ReFill. Everything is set up for Propellerheads Reason using a wide range of Digital Effects.

Included in the refill are tons of Multi Pads, Analog & Digital Synths and Special Effects and new Drum Sounds. Great for composers doing film scoring, commercial beds for video projects or new age and classic synth audio tracks. All set up to load into Reason via the NN-XT sample player. (163 MB / 42 instruments)

SPECIAL BUNDLE PACKAGE: The Ultimate Reason ReFill. Get all eight of our amazing Reason ReFills for Only $100.


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