With all the additional sound banks that Korg has given us in the Version 1.2.0 upgrade, there’s now plenty of room to store new sounds. You can now load all 15 of our Nautilus PCG’s and still have room for more! Here’s how everything is set up:

Vol 1 EXi Super Synths

Programs = Bank p

Combis = Bank H

Vol 2 Vintage Synths V1

Programs = Bank q

Combis = Bank I

Vol 3 Electric Guitars V1

Programs = Bank r

Combis = Bank J

Vol 4 Hit Factory

Programs = Bank s

Combis = Bank K

Drum Kits = Bank m – Slots 225-240

Vol 5 Analog Sensation

Programs = Bank t

Combis = Bank N

Vol 6 Sonix Bliss

Programs = Bank o

Combis = Bank L

Vol 7 Wave Machine

Programs = Bank n

Combis = Bank m

Drum Kits = ugg 257-272

Wave Sequences = ugg 566-597

Vol 8 Classic Rock

Programs = Bank m

Combis = Bank G

Vol 9 Electric Pianos

Programs = l

Vol 10 Dark Energy

Programs = Bank k

Combis = Bank F

Vol 11 Electric Guitars V2

Programs = Bank j

Combis = Bank E

Vol 12 Vintage Synths V2

Programs = Bank i

Combis = Bank D

Vol 13 Electric Guitars V1

Programs = Bank h

Combis = Bank C

Vol 14 Vintage Synths V3

Programs = Bank g

Combis = Bank N

Vol 15 Soundtrack Mix

Programs = Bank f

Combis = Bank F

Best to create a KIDNEPRO folder on your Nautilus hard drive and save our sounds into that folder. Remember that any library that contains new samples will also include a .KSC file and User_Bank.KSC file. New samples must be loaded each time you turn on your Nautilus. So, best to set up any libraries that contain new samples in the Nautilus “auto load” so they load automatically when you power up Nautilus. Here’s how its done:

For maximum flexibility, best to keep your KSC files separate and enable/disable each KSC on the Auto-Load page as desired. Just follow these three simple steps.

1- After you download and save our files to your USB drive, find the Kid Nepro Nautilus folder and copy it to your Nautilus Internal Hard Drive. To do that, choose the folder and go to “Utility/Copy”. Change the Drive Select to “Internal HD”, then choose “Paste”.

2- Go to Media/Disk/Load. Find the Kid Nepro folder, choose open and choose the Kid Nepro User Bank KSC. Load the User Bank KSC into memory.

3- Go to Global/KSC Auto Load. The newly loaded KSC will already have been added to the list automatically. Enable the Auto-Load checkbox for the KSC. Everything should now load when your start Nautilus.

You can check it by choosing “Do Auto Load Now” without having to restart. Remember to check the box next to each file that you would like to load at start up. Note that the Preload Data KSC file must be loaded during start up since many of our sounds require that the factory drum samples be loaded during start up.

For more info on all our Nautilus Sound Libraries, go to: