Serial #501543 – Rev 4. Very clean. Everything working great. Comes with Kid Nepro 3 custom made sound banks. 192 new sounds. Payment via PayPal. $3495.00 US dollars + shipping via Fedex. Shipping price depends on your location.

One of Roland’s Classic Analog Synths. It’s often called a Jupiter 8 in a rack, although its voice card design is actually closer to the Jupiter 6. Its fat sound is due to the analog technology in its filters and 16 analog oscillators at 2 per voice.

The MKS-80 voices feature a typical analog set up: two oscillators, noise generator, resonant low pass and high pass filter, LFO and chorus. The oscillators feature cross modulation in addition to several waveforms and pulse width modulation. It’s memory can hold 64 patches, which can be layered or split.

There are two revisions of the MKS-80. The rev 4 (serial numbers up to 511799) features CEM3340 oscillators, Roland IR3109 filters, and CEM3360 VCAs. The rev 5 (serial number 511800 and later) featured Roland IR3R03 oscillators and IR3R05 combination filter/VCAs.

There are 2 main hardware differences between the early and later versions; one with the CEM VCO and one with roland VCO. Apparently there are other hardware differences between the versions but the same main chips are used in all later versions from serial #511800 onwards. the first ones supposedly sound a little more JP8 like.

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