Kid Nepro has just made all our Akai Sample CD-ROMs available for download. That includes the S1000 Series and MPC2000 Series CD’s.

Disks are now available as .iso files. Just download, burn your own CD and your ready to roll! No more waiting for those CD’s to arrive in the mail.

We have also slashed the price on all downloadable CD’s. Now only $30. for each disk image.

If you would like to order the disk images online at our web site, just go through the regular order process by ordering the CD, but include in the “comments” section of our order form that you would like the “Disk Image for $30.” Also, Pick the free email delivery.

Save even more if you purchase more then one. Email Us and let us know how many disks your looking to pick up and we will send you a price quote.

Disks now available as downloads include:

Akai S1000 Elite Series – Elite 1 Mixed Bag

Akai S1000 Elite Series – Elite 2 Vintage Synths

Akai S1000 Elite Series – Elite 3 Killer Keyboards

Akai S1000 Series – Midi Mix

Akai MPC2000 Series – Millennium-1 – Drum & Bass

Akai MPC2000 Series – Millennium-2 – Sound FX, Synth & Keys

Akai MPC2000 Series – Millennium-3 – Drum Loops, Guitars, Classic Synths