Korg Triton Mix

Directions are for a Triton Classic. There may be minor differences if you own a different Triton model. This tutorial will work with the Triton Classic, Triton Rack, Triton Studio, Triton LE or Triton Extreme. Don’t forget to save your the sounds that are in your Triton before loading in our sounds.

Before attempting to load in any sounds, make sure that the effects are not turned off on your Triton. To check this go to “Global”. There is a section on the lower left side of the screen titled “Effect Global”. There are three parts to it. 1-IFX 1-5 OFF  2-MFX1 OFF  3-MFX2 OFF – Make sure none of them are checked.

All our Korg Triton sounds are set up to load into your “A” bank. If you would like to load the sounds into your A bank, just go to disk mode, choose the PCG file, “choose load” and then “load selected”. Everything will load into your A bank at once. The is the quickest way to load in our sounds.

If you would like to load the sounds into another sound bank, (Banks B, C, D or E) follow these instructions.


1-Insert floppy disk into your Triton – Select Disk

2-Select Load

3-Choose the file you want to load and highlight it

4-Select Open

5-Choose Program and highlight it

6-Select Open

7-Select Load/Load selected – in right corner of screen

8-Change from bank A to B, C, D or E – Choose OK – File will load

Repeat  the process and choose “Combis” instead of Programs. You can only load programs into Bank-E.

You do not have to load the Drum Kits & ARP patterns unless you have overwritten the factory Drum Kits or ARP patterns with your own custom kits or patterns.

9- Go to Global/Basic/Change All Bank References

10- Highlight Combination Box

11- Change Program A>A to A>B, C, D, or E Depending on what bank your moving the sounds to

12- Choose OK – Global setting will write to memory

At this point all data should now be moved to the new bank that you have selected. Choose the new bank and play a few of the programs and combos to check and see if everything looks/sounds right.


Take note that whatever you have in your “A bank” is now, not going to sound correct in combi mode. That’s because you changed the “Bank References”. What you need to do now is to reload whatever you had in Bank A before you loaded in our sounds and then follow similar steps to change the Bank References back in bank A.

1- Go to Global/Basic/Change All Bank References

2- Highlight Combination Box

3-Change Program  A>B, C, D, or E Depending on what bank you moved our sounds, back to A>A

4- Choose OK – Global setting will write to memory

If you have done everything right then your A Bank should now sound just like it did before you loaded in our sounds and our sounds should now be in one of your other banks.

If you have purchased more then one of our Triton sound collections (we have twelve PCG’s for sale), then you can repeat the process with any of our other PCG collections, each time loading the sounds into a different bank. You can load “up to five” of our PCG’s in the Triton’s memory at the same time. Just keep in mind you can only load programs into Bank E. Combi data can not be loaded into Bank E.

Remember to repeat PART 2 after you have loaded your last set of sounds.

Once you have everything loaded you can then “Save All” in your disk section and then save everything as one PCG file. It takes a little while to set all this up, but well worth it, since you wind up with one file that will load in everything up to five banks at once. You can now create several custom set ups for your live gig or studio session that can load in hundreds of new sounds in just a few seconds.

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