Have an old Roland Super JV or XP synth that you want to load new sounds into? Here’s how to set up your synth to receive the sounds.

The following instructions are for the Roland JV1010, JV1080, JV2080, XP30, XP50, XP60 & XP80.

There are two sections in your synth that you need to make adjustments – SYSTEM & UTILITY


1- Choose system button

2- On Patch Midi Page – Set Receive Ch to #1

3- Use the Arrow Down Button to get to the next page

4- On Sys Exclusive Midi Page – Set RX EXC to “ON”

5- Use Arrow Down Button to get to the next page

6- On Receive Midi Page – Set everything to “ON”


1- Choose utility button

2- On Menu 1 – PROTECT –¬†Use right arrow – scroll to Protect – choose “ENTER BUTTON”

3- On Write Protect Page – Set Internal “Off” & Exclusive “Off”

That should set up your synth to receive the sounds. Look for the midi light to flash when your loading in the sounds from the computer. They end up in your “USER” Bank.

Remember that on Roland synths Midi Channel 1 = Midi Channel 17 – so If you get an error message after setting up the JV or XP, try changing the midi channel in the software your using to load the sounds from channel #1 to channel #17.

If you continue to have problems, there are also a couple of settings in your software that you might need to change – the “buffer” & “transmission speed”. Raise the buffer & lower the transmission speed. Experiment to find the right settings for your system.

More info on all our Roland JV & XP Series sounds can be found “At the Roland Sound Section Of Our Web Site”

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