If you’re having problems loading our Kronos sounds into certain program bank locations, you need to make some adjustments in your Global settings. Remember that Kronos sounds have two different bank types:

1- HD-1 – Contains new sample data
2- EX1 – For synth type data – Mod7, AL-1, MS20, Polysix, EP-1

So, you have to match our PCG bank type to the same bank type in your Kronos settings. To do that, go to:

Global / Basic
Choose the arrow on the top/right section of your screen
Choose “Set Program Bank Type”

Then choose EXi or HD1 depending of which set of sounds you’re loading. Anything with samples and a KSC file goes into an HD=1 bank. All the rest get loading to EXi.

Quick, simple and easy to adjust as you fill up your Kronos with some cool new sounds!

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