Richard O’Brien – Vocals
Nell Campbell – Vocals
Patricia Quinn – Vocals
Warren Cuccurullo – Music Director, Guitar
Jay Cuccurullo – Drums
Joey Avitto – Bass
Dave Elias – Tenor Sax
Steve Proto – Keyboards

It was sometime in January 1978 that I got a call from Warren asking me if I would be interested in playing keyboards for a gig that he just landed at the Calderone Concert Hall. We would be the back up band for the the stars of the Rocky Horror Show. Warren and I went to high school together and knew each other from the neighborhood bands. I said, sign me up! I was a big Rocky Horror fan and was psyched to get to play those amazing songs live with Richard O’Brien and the rest of the cast.

I brought along my tape recorder to document the event, but placed the mics too close to the PA speakers. So, the recording has the vocals and piano up front and you can’t really hear the rest of the band. Still. you can feel the energy between us and the crowd as the place rocked. Lot’s of fun.

Nothing like playing the Time Warp in front of thousands of screaming fans. Good times.