Korg Kronos 2 Loading Tips

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Thank you for your purchase of our Korg Kronos Sounds. Our Kronos sounds were created on the original Kronos 1. The Kronos 2 has a different program order, so when loading into Kronos 2 some adjustments need to be made. Korg has simplified the process with the release of the 3.0.3 OS.

Kronos 2 owners just have to choose “yes” when the message about remaping pops up. As long as you have 3.0.3 or higher then it will remap everything on the fly. Just save the PCG file with the new mapping set up after you load. Then it will all set up for you if you need to reload it at any time.

If your new to loading sounds on the Kronos, please read the loading instructions provided with your download. Each sound library is set up a little differently. All sound libraries include a PCG file. PCG’s include Programs, Combis & Global data. Once loaded, the PCG sounds stay in the Kronos memory until you load something over it. Most of our sound libraries include 64 programs and 32 combis in the PCG, but the amount varies depending of which sound library that your working with. Other sound libraries also include a KSC file. KSC files include new sample data. The Kronos will not hold sample data in memory when you turn it off, so the KSC file has to be reloaded each time your start up Kronos.

New users may also be confused on how to set up the UserBank.KSC file, from one of our libraries that includes new sample data. So unless you have experience loading new samples, we suggest that you just set up and load the data off your USB drive. That will quickly get you going and you can start playing your new sounds right away. Then, after you get more experience on how everything works, you can set up the UserBank and the Auto Load and you will be a real pro when it comes to loading new sounds into your Kronos.

Here’s a quick and simple way to get yourself up and running right away. Your loading everything off your USB drive.

1- Insert your USB drive into one of the USB slots in the back of Kronos.

2- Choose “Disk” and select your USB drive.

3- Find the Kid Nepro Kronos folder

4- Choose NEPRO.KSC” and choose “Load”.  Load that first.  Select: Clear Sampling Mode Data – Load Method: RAM

5- After the KSC file loads, choose NEPRO.PCG” and choose “Load”.

6- Choose “OK”. Data will load in a few seconds.

You can also load the PCG first and the KSC second. Either way will work. Just make sure you load them one at a time. Loading them separately will avoid errors, but it’s possible to load them both at once.

Remember that a box should pop up about the remapping. Just follow the above instructions to remap everything on the fly.

Please see the attached PDF for more info. Kronos Version 3.03 New Features

More info on all our Korg Kronos Sounds at: The Kid Nepro Kronos Page

Patch King Sound Sale

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Big Sale This Month.

Buy One & Get One Free!

Order any of our Korg, Roland, Oberheim or Yamaha Sound Patches at the regular low price and get the same amount that you spend as credit for any sounds in our library.

Spend $50. get $50. in credit – Spend $100. get $100. in credit. Whatever you spend on sounds, you get the same amount in credit for your choice of any synth patch libraries.

Just order any sound collection in our catalog at the regular low price and include your FREE choice in the “comments” section of our desktop order form. If you order at our mobile site just include your free choice along with your paypal payment.
NOTE: Sale on “downloadable items only”.

Contact us at: [email protected] for more info.

Go to: Kid Nepro Sounds Home Page

New Release For Korg Kronos – V13 Electric Pianos

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Korg Kronos Volume #13 – Electric Pianos

Kid Nepro’s Electric Piano sound collection for Kronos contains a great mix of Mod-7 and EP1 programs. A wide assortment of your favorite Electric Pianos. NOW ONLY $25. USD.

32 EP programs included. The first sixteen programs use the Mod-7 engine and emulate the classic DX7 electric piano sound that was used on countless recordings during the 80’s and 90’s. The next eight programs use the EP-1 engine to create a more traditional Rhodes or Wurlitzer Electric Piano sound. The last eight creates something new for Kronos by combining both engines, with EP-1 using the first EXi and Mod-7 using the second EXi. We relied heavily on the effects to boost the sound and give the programs more bite, which will help you cut through your live mix or studio session.

There’s also a several effects added to the controls, which add a nice variety to each program. We usually set: SW1 = Chorus, SW2 = Phaser, JS +Y = Tremelo, JS -Y = Delay, Knob 5 = Drum Kit Delay, Knob 6 = Drum Kit Filter, Knob 7 = Drum Kit Pitch Shift, Knob 8 = Reverb

Kronos E-Pianos is perfect for your next studio recording or live gig. Or if you just want to jam along, the cool KARMA grooves included on all 32 Programs will have you jamming for hours.

More info and demos at:



New Korg Kronos Sounds Vintage Synths V3 Midi Mix

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New Release For Korg Kronos – Vintage Synths V3 – Midi Mix

Kid Nepro has just released Volume 12 for the Korg Kronos Series. Sounds are compatible with the original Kronos, Kronos X and Kronos 2 workstations.

64 Programs – 16 Combis – 500 MB New Multi Samples – $69. USD
The Patch King has now made available an amazing collection of sounds from our custom sample libraries for the Kronos HD-1 sound engine. Midi Mix includes only the finest mix of analog and digital synth sounds all set up and ready to load into your Kronos.

Something wonderful happens when you combine the warmth of a vintage analog synth to the clean digital sound and multi effects of a modern workstation. Midi Mix contains samples from over twenty of the best synthesizers released over the past three decades. All sounds are sampled from Kid Nepro’s custom made sound libraries and then layered together to create totally unique textures and super fat sounds!


New Sounds For Korg Kronos Electric Guitars V2

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Just Released! Kid Nepro’s second collection of Electric Guitar sounds for the Kronos HD-1 Synth Engine.

Electric Guitars V2 – 32 Programs/16 Combis/100 MB Samples $69. USD.

More info & audio demos at:


Order online at:


Free same day download delivery. Sounds are compatible with all Kronos models including the original Kronos, Kronos X and Kronos 2. Version 3 OS required.

Thanks to all for your support.

Kid Nepro

How To Import New Korg M1 Sounds Into The iM1 App

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im1 pict1

Good news! All Kid Nepro sound libraries for the Korg M1 are now compatible with the new iM1 app for the Apple iPad. We’ve been getting lot’s of e-mail from iM1 owners who would like to know exactly how you import our sounds into the app – so we have put together a step by step on how it’s done.

All our M1 files come in system exclusive format (.syx). After you place your order, we e-mail you the download link. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download and unzip the file with the .syx programs
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Connect the iPad
  4. Click on the iPad icon on the toolbar after it’s recognized by iTunes
  5. Select Apps under Settings
  6. Scroll down to the File Sharing section under Apps and select iM1 in the Apps list
  7. Scroll down to the bottom and click Add under Documents
  8. Navigate to the location where you unzipped the .syx programs
  9. Sync the device with iTunes
  10. Open iM1 and click on File at the top left
  11. Click on Import from M1 and select the .syx collection that was synced in iTunes
  12. Select PROG and navigate to the USER 1 card
  13. The new programs are now listed in the card

You can order our sounds & find more info and a sysex demo with fifteen free patches – three from each of our five collections at:


Just contact us if you need more info. Our customer support rules!

im1 pict2

New PCG For Korg Krome – Killer Keyboards

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Kid Nepro has just released our fifth sound library for the Korg Krome workstations.

Killer Keyboards – is packed with a great mix of new keyboard sounds perfect for your live gig or studio session. Krome Killer Keyboards contains 64 New Programs.

From our experience as programmers and keyboard players, we know one thing for sure – Keyboard Players always want more Keyboard sounds. The first thing we check out when we buy a new synth is the keyboard sounds. We are always searching for the perfect Rhodes, Wurli and Acoustic Piano patch. We get calls and e-mail from keyboard players all over the world who feel the same. So a few years ago Kid Nepro started producing complete soundbanks based on nothing but keyboard sounds. We call them “Killer Keyboards”. Kid Nepro has produced several other Keyboard soundbanks for instruments like the Roland JV80 & JV1000, Korg M3, 01W, X3, Triton and Trinity Series. So you know we have lot’s of experience programming killer keyboard sounds.

Krome Killer Keyboards creates a powerful new sound library for musicians and has everything that will easily get you through your next live gig or recording session. There are several new Grand, Rhodes and Wurli Pianos, along with a great selection of B3 and Pipe Organs, Funky Clavinets and Harpichords. We’ve also layered several keyboard sounds with Strings, Pads and Choirs to provide everything you need in one easy to load sound bank. All programs contain great mix of ARPS & Drum Patterns that you can jam along with.

More info & demos at: https://www.kidnepro.com/KN/Korg/Krome/korg-krome-v5.html

Korg Krome Sound Library Bundle Pack

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SPECIAL: Korg Krome SOUND BUNDLE PACK: Get all five of our incredible Krome sound sets for only $125.

An amazing collection of sounds now available for the Korg Krome – weighing in at: 272 Programs, 40 Combis and over 80 MB of New Samples!

Get the complete package of Vintage Synths, Electric Guitars, Soundtrack Mix, Studio Session Mix and Killer Keyboards for the special low price of $125. USD – A $50. savings.

More info on all our Korg Kronos sounds can be found at: Our Main Krome Page

New Sounds For Korg Krome – V4 Studio Session Mix

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64 Programs / 16 Combis / 16 MB New Multi Samples $49. USD.

Korg Krome Volume #4 – Studio Session Mix – Kid Nepro’s 4th release for Krome is now available. A great mix of new programs & combis perfect for your live gig or studio session. Krome Studio Session Mix contains 64 Programs & 16 Combis and 16 MEGS of new samples.

Krome Studio Session mix creates a powerful new sound library for musicians doing “live gigs” or “studio sessions”. All sounds are programmed towards the type of sounds that you would use on a gig or a recording session. There are several new acoustic and electric pianos, strings, pads & choirs, guitars, basses and leads and a nice mix of ARPS & Drum Patterns that you can jam along with.

All sounds were programmed with the modern controls from the latest Korg workstation to bring you everything you need on your gig or session. All programs and combis include ARP and Drum Track functions as well as control assignments to the Krome Joystick, SW1 & SW2 and User Knobs 1-4. The result is the best sound with the best modern controls that will inspire you to create amazing new music.

Krome Studio Session Mix is perfect for your next studio project or live performance. Or if you just want to jam along, the cool ARP’s and beats included on all Programs will have you jamming for hours!

Click Here For More Info and Demos

How To Download & Load Sounds Into The Korg Krome Workstations

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Here’s some info on exactly what’s needed once you purchase and download our Korg Krome sounds. Just unzip the file and save the “Kid Nepro Krome” folder to your computers hard drive. From there you need to transfer the sounds to a “SD” card, which you then insert into your Krome. Once the card is inserted, just go to the “Media” section of Krome and load. Here’s the details on how it works:

How to get our sounds from your desktop to your Krome:

You need a SD Card & Smart Media adapter. Also known as a “card reader”. Make sure that you get a card reader that has the SD option. Some card readers will have up to eight different card options. So just make sure that your SD card and reader will work together.

SD cards and card readers can be found at many places that sell computer accessories for a few dollars. Connect the smart media adapter to the USB port on your computer. Then insert the SD card to the Smart Media adapter and the card will appear on your computers desktop. Unzip the file you downloaded and save everything to the SD card. Then take the card out of the adapter and insert into your Krome and load from the “media” section. Follow the details in the loading instructions that we included with your download.

It’s quick & simple and the price of the adapter and the SD card are about what you would pay for shipping via snail mail. Note that files our delivery via download only. Pick the “email delivery” option at our online order form. If you need any more info just e-mail us. Our customer support rules.

More info on all our Korg Krome sounds can be found OVER HERE.

Krome Smart Media Setup:

Krome SM Setup

Krome SD Card:

Krome SD Card

Krome Smart Media Adapter:

Krome SM Adapter

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