Now that there are many cool apps available which will let you record whatever is happening on your computer desktop, we decided to make good use of them to present some demos of our patch and sample collections. Not only can you hear what the patch sounds like, but seeing what’s being played on the keyboard and controllers opens up whole new dimension to the sound. No overdubbing or multi tracking was done. Everything is played live. Drum sounds are from our Korg M3 “Hit Factory” collection.

The first demo that we did for our Arturia Prophet V collection worked out well, so we decided to continue along those lines with a demo for our Moog Modular V collection. We hope you find them both entertaining and useful in showing what these cool software synths are capable of doing. Stay tuned for many more demos from our software synth and sample sound libraries including our Reason and Kontakt collections.

More info on all our Arturia sounds can be found HERE