We wanted to clarify what sounds to order and which format to choose when placing an order. It’s understandable with the large number of products and the many formats available, there is bound to be some confusion.

There are two main sections of our web site. The “Patch” Section and the “Sample City” Section. The Patch section has new sounds for your synthesizer and  the Sample City section has new sounds for your sampler.

Before placing an order, please note the various “formats” available. There are several different formats, so take a look at the options available before ordering. Check out the page which fills you in on the different options. You can find it “OVER HERE”.

Also note that our order form has a “comments” section, where you can list the synthesizer or sampler that your working with. Please include that along with any other info about your computer set up. That will help us avoid mistakes when processing your order and make sure that you get the right sounds.

If you need any more info, just Email Us  a brief description of your set up along with your questions.