proto rock 1.3

Proto Rock Version 1.3 – “Radias Rock” now adds “thirty two” new programs designed for the M3 Radias expansion board.

AND….The best part is if you have already updated to Proto Rock 1.2 then the update is FREE! That’s right, thirty two new Classic Synth programs at no extra charge. We appreciate your support and we just wanted to say thank you with some free sounds.

The new programs feature an assortment of vintage synth sounds geared towards Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk or Jazz tracks and live gigs. A mix of analog basses, leads, pads, synths and rhythmic programs featuring the Radias Mod Sequencer, M3 drum track and KARMA technology.

Proto Rock now contains a total of: 96 Programs, 80 Combis and over 50 megs of new multi samples. Sounds are in Korg PCG format and KSC sample format and delivered by our quick download delivery.

More info Over Here.