Now Proto Rock, our first sound release for the Korg M3 is even better with a major update. The new versions have lot’s of new goodies included and are recommended for all M3 users.

1- Version 1.1.5 – For all “Original” Proto Rock users who have not yet updated to our Radias Rock sounds. This is a FREE UPDATE!

2- Version 1.4.5. For Radias Rock owners who are running Version 1.4. Also a FREE UPDATE!

The updates include a few bug fixes, remixing of several combis and extensive KARMA real time controls added to all 96 combis master layers.

Version 1.4.5 is a FREE UPDATE for all registered users EXCEPT if your still running version 1.2 or 1.3. In that case you can update to 1.4.5 for only $10. Or..If you have just picked up the Radias Expansion board, original Proto Rock owners can update to 1.4.5 for $25.

Contact us via phone or e-mail for your update and you will be Proto Rockin with a couple of hours. If you need any more info or are not sure which version you have just let us know.

More info on all Proto Rock options can be found at: Our Main M3 Page.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the sounds!