One of the great things about the Korg M3 is that there are many ways that you can use it. The eight pads on the front panel make it easy to set up and use as a drum machine. With the addition of the drum track, sampling features and hundreds KARMA Generated Effects – that can be used for creating drum beats, you can easily turn the M3 into one of the coolest drum machines around.

Our M3 Hit Factory sound collection includes five new drum kits that we created using new samples. The “Classic Beatbox” Drum Kit For Korg M3 contains sounds from vintage 80’s drum machines and kits including the Roland TR808, TR909, CR78, Linn Drum and Simmons Drum Kit.

Beats on the track are from the combi titled “Retro Beatboxes”. No overdubbing or multi tracking was done. Everything was played live into my DAW. Interesting Note: I was also filming everything with my right hand while playing the pads, switches and sliders with my left. Now try that sometime!

Music & Video – Steve Proto

©1984-2009 – Kid Nepro Productions

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