Korg Kronos Volume #13 – Electric Pianos

Kid Nepro’s Electric Piano sound collection for Kronos contains a great mix of Mod-7 and EP1 programs. A wide assortment of your favorite Electric Pianos. NOW ONLY $25. USD.

32 EP programs included. The first sixteen programs use the Mod-7 engine and emulate the classic DX7 electric piano sound that was used on countless recordings during the 80’s and 90’s. The next eight programs use the EP-1 engine to create a more traditional Rhodes or Wurlitzer Electric Piano sound. The last eight creates something new for Kronos by combining both engines, with EP-1 using the first EXi and Mod-7 using the second EXi. We relied heavily on the effects to boost the sound and give the programs more bite, which will help you cut through your live mix or studio session.

There’s also a several effects added to the controls, which add a nice variety to each program. We usually set: SW1 = Chorus, SW2 = Phaser, JS +Y = Tremelo, JS -Y = Delay, Knob 5 = Drum Kit Delay, Knob 6 = Drum Kit Filter, Knob 7 = Drum Kit Pitch Shift, Knob 8 = Reverb

Kronos E-Pianos is perfect for your next studio recording or live gig. Or if you just want to jam along, the cool KARMA grooves included on all 32 Programs will have you jamming for hours.

More info and demos at: