proto rock for samplers

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our collection of downloadable sounds. M3 Proto Rock Mix.

Now anyone with a sampler that reads AIFF or WAV files can get all the amazing sounds in our new M3 “Proto Rock” sound library. The new sounds are also available for Propellerheads REASON and RECYCLE or Native Instruments KONTAKT

The new samples include a mix of Basses, Pads, Strings, Guitars, Synths and Rhythm & Beats. Also sampled are new sounds from our Radias Rock collection. Hot new sounds from that we have programmed for the Radias Expansion board. All sounds are multi sampled and well organized for easy keymapping into your hardware or software sampler. Reason and Kontakt sounds are all set up as instruments for you. Just load and play!

AND>>>>> 200 NEW REX LOOPS!! Now all the best Rhythm & Beats from Proto Rock can now easily be imported into Propellerheads “REASON” or “RECYCLE” software. Incrediable rhythmic patterns making great use of the M3’s mod sequencing and KARMA technology have now been convered into REX files making it easy for you to create that next killer track with REASON. Now available for download. Get 20 new loops for as little as $5. and spice up your tracks with some hot new beats!

Click on the links for MP3 demos or to get to our sound lists:
Barbados Rocks
Jaco Goes To Asia
Electro Shock

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