Twenty years after the original 1989 release, Uncle Tony has returned. We wanted to have a little fun and do a remake and video for the 20th anniversary. Your first thought might be that we are just ripping off The Sopranos, but Uncle Tony was written long before anyone every heard of Tony Soprano. Created at a time when rap music was just starting to appear on the scene, it’s the original “Gangsta Rap”!

We always thought that Uncle Tony had the potential to become a hit just because it’s so bizzare.  It got a fair amount of radio play when it was first released, but as things often go in the music biz – it never caught on. When The Sopranos became popular we sent them a copy though our friend Mike Russo – who was a stuntman on the show, but they never used it.

“Hey my son come kiss the ring. Uncle Tony say’s – you did the right thing”. Spread the word. Uncle Tony’s back. Bada Bing!

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Anthony Spinelli – Uncle Tony

Steve Proto – Music & Video

Anthony Spinelli and Tom Vespa – Lyrics

Karla Sheman – Background Vocals

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