Great to see that the Fab-4 of the jazz/rock/fusion world getting together again for a tour. Truly one of the important groups to come out of the 70’s with a sound that just blew everyone away. Four virtuoso musicians playing in high gear was enough to turn heads for both rock and jazz fans alike. I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows at The Beacon Theatre, back in 1976 and it was one of those concerts that you don’t forget. 

Was searching around youtube for some video and found a great vintage clip of a live performance of “Sorceress”, from the classic “Romantic Warrior” recording. Chick Corea’s live set up was certainly state of the art for 1976. You could see that he was having some problems with the Mini Moog and that old ARP is “just barely” in tune, but he still sounds amazing! Yeah, that’s the way it was back then. Don’t ya just love that old analog gear?

More info on the 2008 tour and much more at the: Return 2 Forever ’08 Web Site