Many vintage digital samplers use SCSI ports (pronounced “scuzzy) in order to connect them to external devices such as CD-ROM, Zip or Hard Drive. SCSI stands for “Small Computer System Interface”. Since the advent of the USB and Firewire protocols SCSI has long since been discontinued, but is still popular with musicians using older equipment. We are one of the few companies where you an still get a SCSI CD-ROM or ZIP Drive. All our drives have been refurbished and come with a one year warranty.

If you have purchased a drive from us, here are a few tips about working with our SCSI CD-ROM or ZIP Drives:

1- Do not connect or disconnect the CD or ZIP drive when your sampler is turned on. Make sure to connect everything first and then turn on your sampler.

2- The CD-ROM or ZIP drive is set to a “SCSI Channel”. In the SCSI chain you can connect up to eight different devices. Each device must be on a different SCSI channel in order for everything to work properly. In other words, if you have both a CD-ROM drive and a ZIP drive your CD drive must be on a different SCSI channel then your zip drive. Our CD and Zip drives usually get set to channel four, five or six, however SCSI devices can usually be set to channels “zero through seven”.

All digital samplers that have SCSI ports have a parameter inside them that lets you set the SCSI channel in order to connect them to external devices. Remember that your sampler must be on the same SCSI channel as your CD, ZIP or Hard Drive. It’s done a little differently on every sampler so we can’t get too specific on exactly how that’s done with every one. Best to check your owners manuel or contact the manufacture for details.

Here is an example on how it’s done with the original Akai MPC2000:

A- Select Shift and Disk.

B- Change “device” from floppy to SCSI channel using the data wheel. Keep scrolling with the wheel until you see one of our programs pop up in the MPC’s screen. The drive is probably on channel 4, 5 or 6. Once your connected to can scroll though the programs and pick the one that you want to load.

C- Our program sets are broken up into “partitions”. Each partition usually has 12 or 13  programs on it. To get from one partition to the next, just change from partition A to partitions B, C or D. Go to “part” and use the data wheel to switch partitions.

Each of our Millennium Zip/CD Disks has 50 programs. Each program has multiple samples in it and the samples are mapped out across the MPC’s pads for you. We recommend you load the sounds as a “program” (.pgm). You can also load in the sounds as individual samples and create your own custom programs.

If you need any more info please contact us via phone or e-mail.

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