Kid Nepro has updated our Korg M3 Soundtrack Mix collection to Version 1.5. The new update adds 16 new combis. Soundtrack Mix now contains 64 Programs, 48 Combis and 60 Megs of new samples. All well crafted and fully KARMA-fied! More info and demos can be found “HERE”

Along with the new sounds, we just finished producing a new video which features several new sounds included in the update. It’s titled “Ode To NASA”. Video footage courtesy of NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Ever since watching the Apollo Space Missions back in the 60’s, I’ve always been a big fan of NASA. They have proven time and time again that what seems impossible can be accomplished once you put your mind to it. The recent mission to fix the Hubble Telescope is a perfect example of that. The tune up that the talented astronauts gave Hubble will continue to provide us with more spectacular images for years to come and help us learn more about the universe that we live in.